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Main -> Dental Plan -> Plan Limitations?
Plan Limitations?
* Only those services outlined in the Maximum Reimbursement Levels pamphlet are eligible for reimbursement to the maximums indicated.  
* No payment will be made for:  
- extra charges by the dentist or denturist for completion of claim forms or for broken appointments;  
- cosmetic treatment, experimental treatment or dietary planning;  
- services for treatment of congenital or developmental malformation; or,  
- expense for dentures which have been lost, mislaid or stolen.
* No payment will be provided by the Plan where coverage exists through the Medical Care Insurance Commission, Workers' Compensation, Saskatchewan Government Insurance or other government programs or legislation.  
* Effective January 1, 1991, the missing tooth clause has been eliminated. Any work done after January 1, 1991 regarding missing teeth, will now be considered for payment if the procedure is one covered by the Saskatchewan Teachers' Dental Plan.  
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  Maximum Reimbursement Levels (.pdf)
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