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Main -> Dental Plan -> When Am I Eligible?
When Am I Eligible?
  Teachers employed on a regular contract under Section 200 of The Education Act or a private high school that was eligible for capital grants on January 1, 1986 are eligible for coverage.
  Teachers receiving disability benefits under the STF Income Continuance Plan and/or the Teachers' Superannuation Plan are covered under the Plan.
  Eligible teachers employed on a part-time basis are covered at the same level as eligible full-time teachers.
  Effective March 24, 1998, teachers employed on a regular, temporary or replacement contract of employment in accordance with Section 200 of The Education Act or a private high school that is eligible for capital grants will become eligible for coverage upon completion of 20 days of teaching service. Dental services incurred during the 20 day qualifying period will be covered after completion of the qualifying period.

Effective June 30, 1999, teachers employed on a temporary or replacement contract until June 30 will have dental coverage extended during the period July 1 to August 31, regardless of whether the teacher has a new contract for the fall.

The extended dental coverage from July 1 to August 31, does not apply to superannuated teachers on a temporary contracts.

  A qualification period will be required for each contract if there has been a break in service of more than 120 days.
  It is important to keep accurate and current records for each eligible teacher and their dependents at the Teachers' Superannuation Commission. The Teacher Information Change form should be completed whenever there is a change in your status (personal or contract) and forwarded to the Teachers' Superannuation Commission.
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