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Commencement & Continuation of Insurance
  An individual will become insured on the day employment commences and coverage will continue during the period of employment.  
  The insured individual must designate a beneficiary for the insurance benefit. To designate a beneficiary you must complete a "Group Life Insurance enrolment/Update" form. The form is available from the employing school board and the Teachers' Superannuation Commission, this website under forms, or the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation offices.  
  When completing your beneficiary form, keep in mind that you need to have your form signed by a witness as well as your employing school board if you are not a superannuated teacher.  
  You may name single or multiple beneficiaries but not both. The insured individual may change their designated beneficiary at any time. If you are unsure how to complete the form to accomplish your intent, please contact the Teachers' Superannuation Commission for assistance.  
  Insurance coverage may be continued during a period of absence from work:  
* on a course of studies that is directly related to work.  
* because of ill health.  
* as an exchange or special teacher.  
* for any other purpose and period that the Teachers' Superannuation Commission may approve.  
  Please contact the Commission for additional information and procedural details for coverage during such absences.  
  Superannuated teachers shall be deemed to have elected to continue coverage until age 65 and coverage for decreased amounts until age 85. The full premium will be deducted from a superannuates' allowance unless written notification is received by the Teachers' Superannuation Commission by August 31 in the year the insurance is to be discontinued.  
  Commencement and Continuation of Insurance
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